Dulevo 5000 Evolution Municipal Sweeper

Dulevo 5000 Evolution Municipal Sweeper
Dulevo 5000 Evolution Municipal Sweeper
Product Description

The Dulevo 5000 Evolution is our largest, most powerful machine, perfect for sweeping public roads every day. The Dulevo 5000 Evolution is environment friendly machine that can operate in the most demanding applications as well as in weather conditions. It is best suitable for meeting all kinds of cleaning requirements. Equipped with a mechanical vacuum collection system, it is designed for maximum productivity and meeting highest cleaning standards at low operating costs. The four-wheeled patented steering system reduces the turning circle to a minimum, which makes it the most maneuverable machine in its class that eliminates debris loss when turning.

5000 Evolution, mechanical-suction, the Dulevo solution

The 5000 Evolution integrated with a mechanical-vacuum system is apt for both methods of operation, which can be an ideal option for almost all urban applications, irrespective of the season. It is utilized for sweeping road dust, litter and sand in summer, and it cleans leaves and pine needles during autumn and winter.

Greater Manoeuvrability

The cab has large, front side windows, a car type right hand driving position, big wing mirrors and power steering make it as easy as possible to use it, no matter what the circumstances are.

In addition to minimizing turning circles and eliminating debris loss when turning, the exclusive patented steering system operates on all four wheels as well. This rear hydraulic three-level suspension enables the user to optimize the set up of the machine, either in operating or transfer mode.

Unique patented steering

Reduced maintenance costs are important for decreasing costs: a goal reached with the 5000 Evolution When the cab is tilted, the engine compartment is easy to access since all the main components are grouped together.

Polyester/cotton filter fabric

This filter fabric has more than 22 square meters of surface, so working periods can be extended without the fear of becoming clogged. An indestructible, rot-proof fabric made of polyester (73%) and cotton (27%), the Dulevo filter ensures perfect filtration down to 3 Microns. The filter system also includes an effective shaker operated from the drive position. A hydraulically operated filter shaker strikes the metal tensioning rods, shaking the elements in all directions so that dust is completely separated from fabric before it can fall into the hopper. The dust is then loosened and falls into the hopper.

The combined mechanical-vacuum system

The dust and debris are first collected by side brushes which then transmit them to the main brush which throws everything forward onto a high speed conveyor. The conveyor then transfers the materials into the waste bucket at the top, thus maximizing load capacity.

By drawing the dust into the hopper by two powerful fans, the main brush lifts dust during its mechanical operation. By utilizing a patented filter system, made from polyester/cotton fabric, the sweeping cycle is completed with only clean air being exhausted into the environment. Water is all that is required to control dust on the side brushes located outside the vacuum system. A SS tank contains the water spray system, which is powered by a membrane pump to send water to the nozzles positioned near the side brushes and the extendable front brush.

Main cylindrical brush

The main brush assembly rests in the center of the vehicle and is perfectly balanced so that it floats and follows the road surface no matter what. Due to a hydraulic system that reads the surface configuration, the ground pressure can be changed to keep the brush constant. The system is particularly useful for uneven city roads.

Extending front brush

Cleaning sidewalks and difficult-to-reach areas with the extending front brush is very convenient because it can reach areas that the standard side brush cannot. An operator operates a joystick on the cab door to swing the brush 180 degree to the left or right while steering. Its height, reach, and tilt can all be adjusted hydraulically. An efficient magnetic sensor activates the brush withdrawal in the event of an impact. Additionally, the brush is provided with mechanical protection against damage.

More effective sweeping

Vacuum collection combined with mechanical collection is referred to as a sweeping system. The side brushes and the cylindrical brush mechanically convey debris into the hopper via a vertical conveyor. Vacuum is used together in order to keep the dust under control. It is a simple patented system that is capable of collecting and loading over half a ton of debris every minute. It enables the collection of everything, from the finest dust to more voluminous items, like bottles and large gravel. With this system, the 5000 Evolution can sweep up to three times faster than a traditional non-combined sweeper. Similar to the sweeping mode, the 5000 Evolution has a rear mounted vacuum wander hose which is used to clean drains and road curb openings. In addition to being convenient, the system can collect debris from difficult to reach areas.

A single drop of water is not wasted by it

The 5000 is designed for heavy industrial applications, with three-shift non-stop operation, dust-free operation, and can operate in temperatures below freezing without water spraying. The 5000 industrial versions provide sweeping of large areas that is unmatched, especially when heavy debris is present or extremely fine dusts are present, and the use of water must be avoided.


Technical Details



Sweeping width with central brush



Sweeping width with side brushes



Sweeping width with side brushes and third brush



Waste container capacity



Filtration PM10



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